Is the appearance of bronze mask which found in Sanxingdui a human being or an alien ?

Archeologists inferred that Sanxingdui ( Sichuan, China ) site was existing between 1000 to 3000 BC, so the longest time may be 5000 years from now... The human civilization was

How were the Egyptian Pyramids built ?

Egyptian Pyramids is one of the most important ancient civilization in the world and everyone is interesting on those Pyramids were built by what method.   1 ) Use body's

Why does an Astronaut appear on the wall of Cathedral of Salamanca ?

Cathedral of Salamanca was built in a few hundred years ago, why does it appear an astronaut on the wall ?   About the news of Ancient Civilization and UFO,

Why does NASA not go back again the moon after 1972 ?

Between 1969 to 1972, NASA reported that their space plans let astronauts landing on the moon successfully for six times.   In this 40 years more, why do they not

Contact in Roswell 1947

This was a wonderful interview between two "people" from different planets,main characters are Mrs MacElroy and the Alien "Airl".   In one part of the interview, Airl said that they

Why gods of all religions both seems float in the sky ?

In ancient stories and paints, almost all the gods are described floating in the sky.   Did ancient people like to imagine some powerful people who come from sky to

Human are really driving evolution of animals ?

When we were young at school, teachers and books both told us that people are driving evolution of ape.   If yes , are we really coming from ape naturally

Ninth Planet – Pluto

Pluto is called as Planet X before when it is found in 1930.   Back to 2010 Few years before 2010, it had a news about Pluto was found not