Why does an Astronaut appear on the wall of Cathedral of Salamanca ?

Cathedral of Salamanca was built in a few hundred years ago, why does it appear an astronaut on the wall ?


About the news of Ancient Civilization and UFO, some of them will like to use that “Astronaut” be the example. Cathedral of Salamanca was constructed between the 16th and 18th centuries and it should not have any space program at that centuries.

Space program should be started in middle of 20th century, so this astronaut let some people think of about space technology existed in ancient or time machine to let modern people back to the past !


After investigation and got all the points, the “Astronaut” should be created by some students after 1990, so it was not created at the period between 16th and 18th centuries. Not only an astronaut, it also have another carving such as an animal with a cup of ice-cream.

I think the students who just want to make some funny issues for everyone who come to the church !