Is the appearance of bronze mask which found in Sanxingdui a human being or an alien ?

Archeologists inferred that Sanxingdui ( Sichuan, China ) site was existing between 1000 to 3000 BC, so the longest time may be 5000 years from now…
The human civilization was really not simple at that time, because the bronze statues were made with fine craftsmanship and the style of mask design was too abstract and exaggerated if the face is from human being !
If it is not abstract and exaggerated, will the appearance of these bronze masks be not a human being ? or it is another creature ?


Among the bronze wares unearthed in Sanxingdui, there are basically not any household items. Viewed by modern people, those bronze wares are seems used for worship only.
Does the bronze ware only be made for certain noble people or gods ?




The bronze masks, portraits and animals, even the steering wheel liked ware found in Sanxingdui are seems not belong to the bronze wares found in China by styling or casting technology. It can also be said that there are so many differences in the history of China itself !

These products have cultural characteristics in different regions, especially the shapes of bronze statues and the mysterious symbols and patterns on the gold canes, which are very close to the world’s famous Mayan culture and ancient Egyptian culture.

Some scholars have identified a common feature of these famous ancient cultures, all at 30 degrees north latitude. Is this coincidence? Or modern people force to make them have relationship ?